Courses and Certifications

General Programming Principles

How to Code: Simple Data

Gregor Kiczales - University of British Columbia through EdX

Learned how to systematically write programs and how to think about program design. It was also my first exposure to designing data, and writing tests before writing the functions that prove those tests. My certificate is pending until they grade my final project (an implementation of Space Invaders in Racket). Click on the link below to see the code of my final project.

Final Project


FullStack JavaScript

Escuela Argentina de Nuevas Tecnologias

Live, online 8 week workshop in Spanish. Learned to program front-end applications using javascript. The course focused especially in using javascript for DOM manipulation and logic flow. The course delved into the construction of APIs, Web Services and Web Apps.


The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp

Dr. Angela Yu - Udemy

Fairly complete 50+ hour course. Reviewed the basics of HTML, CSS and web design. Then dove into Javascript, and Node. It was my first exposure to React and to MongoDB. Became proficient creating RESTful APIs and implementing authentication with bcrypt and OAuth 2.0 (although I later learned how to use the OpenID standard for this, and leave OAuth 2.0 for authorization instead of authentication).


The Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course

Colt Steele - Udemy

Another fairly complete 50+ hour course. This is the course that I used to first learn JavaScript. It dives quite deeply into the basics, and then moves onto asynchronous JS (in this course I learned how to properly use promises and async/await). I learned how to use SVGs and the Canvas API with the MatterJS library. On the NodeJS side of the project, I learned how to create CLI tools using JavaScript. In this course I also learned some of the basics of database design, user authentication and testing. I learned how some testing frameworks are built by building a basic testing framework from scratch.


JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Anthony Alicea - Udemy

This was a fantastic course. In it I learned a lot about how JS works behind the scenes, and some advanced JS concepts . I learned about how scope works in JS (both with the var keyword and the let and const keywords), how closures work. What prototypal inheritance is and how it works... I learned a lot. But I think the most important thing I learned was how to learn by reading the source code of well used frameworks and libraries.


JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts

Andrei Neagoie - Udemy

In this course I learned a lot of more advanced JS concepts. It's a great compliment to the "JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts" course. I reviewed what I knew about hoisting, execution context, lexical environment, the scope chain, etc. This course also introduced me to functional programming in JS, and how to do better error handling in asynchronous code.


Functional Programming for Beginners With JavaScript

James Moore - Udemy

This was a fantastic course by James Moore. I fell in love with functional programming. I learned about the principles behind functional programming and how to apply them to JS. I learned about currying and partial application, and function composition. I also learned a lot of using the MVP pattern to structure small functional applications.


JavaScript Console Object Ultimate Guide

Alperen Talaslioglu - Udemy

Learned how to use the console to display information in different ways and to do some quick debugging and testing of applications. No certificate of completion was offered for this course.


Build Responsive Real World Websites With HTML5 and CSS3

Jonas Schemedtmann - Udemy

This is the course that I used to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. It was great to learn the basics. I also learned how to structure a basic project and do some CSS animations , but nothing ground-breaking.


Advanced CSS and Sass

Jonas Schmedtmann - Udemy

This course was my first introduction to Sass and CSS pre-processing in general. It was a great course in which I learned how to write SCSS code and how to structure projects using the 7-1 pattern.


Web Design

Web Design for Web Developers

Jonas Schemedtmann - Udemy

This was a good short course that gave me more confidence in creating some basic designs for websites. Designing is not my strong-suite, and this course gave me the basics I needed in order to not have my websites looking like they were made in the 90's.


Algorithms and Data Structures

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass

Colt Steele - Udemy

This was a great course. It was my first introduction to what algorithms and data structures were. In this course I learned 6 sorting algorithms, different ways of solving problems , and how to write different data structures in JS using the "class" syntax. I also learned about Dijkstra's Shortest Path algorithm and how to write it in JS. But most importantly, I discovered the genius of Dijkstra and ignited my interest for reading more about him and other pioneers of computer science.


The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures

Stephen Grinder - Udemy

This was a fairly good course. I didn't learn a lot of new things form it, but it helped me find different approaches to solving problems and writing data structures in JS. My biggest takeaway form the course was learning how to use the "two pointer" pattern for problem solving in novel ways (for example, to find the length of a linked list without having a reference of it's tail; or to figure out if the linked list is circular or not). This blew my mind.


Mastering the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms

Andrei Neagoie - Udemy

In this course I learned more about data structures and algorithms. I cemented my knowledge of data structures, particularly of hash tables, trees and graphs. I also learned more about using "Dynamic Programming" (caching, really) to optimize the execution of an algorithm.



Vim Masterclass

Jason Cannon - Udemy

In this course I learned how to use the Vim editor. I fell in love with Vim, and I used it for many months as my code editor. Lately, I've switched back to using VSCode, but this time with Vim key bindings. The best of both worlds.