John Sciutto


About Me

Hi, I'm John! I'm a nerd who loves to create and organize things with code.

I've been around programming and computers since I was a kid. Growing up in Argentina, I remember learning programming basics using "Logo" in primary school 🐢🤓.

When I was 12, in the era when PC's blue screen of death was appearing daily in my Windows 98 machine, I was asking my parents to buy me Linux magazines, trying to understand how it worked and how to install it.

Growing up, I never thought that I could actually study computing professionally. Nobody I knew was into computers. And so my computer skills was relegated to helping my parents "program" the VCR and later (when I convinced my parents to get internet - big day) to fix the internet connection.

Fast forward to 2018, and I'm living in Canada, married, and working as a massage therapist. One day, coming home from work with a hurting body, I realized that I'm much happier with my hands on a keyboard than massaging bodies.

It dawned on me after seeing an ad for a coding bootcamp that it wasn't too late for me to channel my passion for computers into a career.

I started studying in every free moment I had. Now, almost two years later, I'm looking for a full-time role where I can help a company achieve their goals doing what I love!



Movies API

A full stack application written in JavaScript (Node.js), HTML and CSS. Sign in to the application with your username and password, and share a database of movie data. Add your own recommendations and see details on movies.

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • Secure Authentication with bcrypt


The website of a fictitious company that organizes day and week long tours of my native Argentina.

  • Sass
  • BEM
  • Modal implemented with just CSS
  • Layout built using a custom grid (built the old way, with floats)


A fictitious compay of luxury homes.

  • Sass
  • BEM
  • Deployed to GitHub Pages
  • Layout built using a CSS grid (built the old way, with floats)


My personal blog. It's made using a static site generator (Hugo), and deployed to Netlify.
I write about what I'm learning at the moment and about different interesting things I come across in my journey learning web development.

  • Deployment to Netlify
  • Using Static Site Generators
  • Publishing blog posts by a simple GitHub Commit
  • Notes on my learning journey